iCreation CL-3231 Video Doorbell User Manual

01/10/2017 admin 0

Prior To Use Congratulations … on purchasing our high quality product, Please read the manual carefully before installing your system and follow all of the directions to ensure proper installation. Safety Precautions To reduce the […]

iCreation Wirelss Video Doorbell User Manual

01/09/2017 admin 0

CL-3231 is a simple and reliable system with the most valuable functions, well designed for Canadians. It works independently without Internet or smart phone Apps which avoids the WiFi related problems to be hassle-free and saves your time to figure out the setup. It is the perfect choice for every family who need a great video doorbell and want to skip the installation. […]

Cloud-based camera vs IP camera

12/30/2016 admin 0

First, Connection simplicity Cloud-based cameras are designed with simplicity and security in mind. They can only be accessed via a central web portal and not through a specific local IP address and port, which make […]

How Cloud Camera Works

12/29/2016 admin 0

The basic concept of Cloud camera is that this camera will shoot videos and store the videos on the Cloud server allowing you to remotely monitor your places and control the camera. Remote monitoring can […]

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